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Winter wonderland and homely cosiness just in time for Advent

Just recently, in the second week of November, we went cycling in sunny 16°C weather and the following weekend, bang – the first snow! Somewhat unexpectedly, but at the same time quite obviously just in time for Advent, the temperature dropped in Sweden and a decent snowfall swept through the east coast. Then there was a real winter wonderland.

winter wonderland

My favourite season

Just in time for the first Advent, we used the weekend to tidy up the house and unpack the Christmas decorations. Since twilight is now creeping across the country at around 3 pm, the Christmas lights really brighten up the mood.

Each season offers various magnificent moods with its unique light conditions. Whether in spring the sun welcomes the earth and the spirit and the first plants blossom. Or in summer everything sparkles in rich colours and the days never seem to end. So, too, in autumn the rather dimmed light and the falling leaves are the first harmony into the season of tranquility and mindfulness. Thus winter, with its darkness and frost, at the same time wraps one in a cover of silence and comfort. At the same time, the Christmas lights warm the soul. That is also the reason why I value and enjoy each season in its own way.

winter time - christmas time

Winter preparations

So that we can enjoy the winter to the full – especially in view of the rising energy bills, we made a major investment in the fireplaces this late summer. As already mentioned, we now have four more fireplaces (some new, some restored) in the rooms. The Keddy K20 fireplace was really worth it. It has an outstanding heating capacity, looks great and is also of very high quality. With the Keddy alone, we can easily heat the entire second floor. And it takes much less wood than our old (but gorgeous!) tiled stoves. In the room next to the Keddy, an old tiled stove was restored (see here).

In the attic we had two stoves connected. An old restored soapstone stove and a new small “Swedish stove”. The work of carrying the wood into the house and keeping the fire going is worth the cosy warmth.

At some point we still have to consider having a fireplace installed in the living room. Heating the large room is quite expensive in winter. On top of that we only really use the room in the evenings.

Prospects for the next few months

At the moment, things are changing in our little family. Because next year we will no longer be just the two of us. We will continue our journey together with a new little human being. Already now we are faced with decisions in which we consider not only the two of us, but also the offspring.

Regarding renovations we do not have any concrete plans. Also we will probably look more spontaneously at what we can realise. On our to-do list is a bathroom finish. Wooden panels, a proper washbasin and extension of the shelf niche. At some point we have to renovate the staircase and the hallway on the 1st floor and make it safe for children. The built-in closets in the yellow and purple room are also a task. There are also a few projects in the garden. Finish painting the fence. Clear out the shed..We will see what we can and want to implement.

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