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We have a boat now & a bench

Thought about it, said and done! Now we have a fancy blue rowing boat (with motor). Collection and transport went without a hitch, despite the strong breeze.

blue boat

I spent a day making a DIY wooden bench with storage. The result is something to behold. However, I still have to do one more coat of paint. Here we go again with the colour! I don’t know how the colour gets all over, but sometimes I have whole white strands in my hair. I think my nerves will soon be on edge as far as painting is concerned. But I can still manage the fence slats 😛

sitting bench

Otherwise the wedding day will follow soon. Already two years! Fascinating how fast time flies and how quickly you develop and grow up. Sometimes it scares me too. I can’t foresee where we’ll be in 5 years. Or even 10! Everything is happening at mega speed right now. And I also think it’s more because we’re so active and do and experience so much. A lot of things are changing very quickly, so it’s impossible for me to make a statement about the future. But there’s one thing I hope won’t change – the familiarity and the fun we both have.

Next week it’s supposed to rain – so I’ll take the time to write a longer and more detailed article!

Until next time,

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