The last project of the year.

The last project of the year is to complete the renovation of the second bedroom on the first floor.

Here we have opted for a new coat of paint on the walls and ceiling and a major fireplace upgrade. The condition of the floor is very good, in our opinion. Only a faded spot where a cupboard once stood catches the eye. However, since there will be a bed in that spot anyway, we decided not to go to the trouble of sanding the parquet. Otherwise, the restoration of the window is pending and the three doors need a fresh coat of paint. A wardrobe will also be built in the sloping roof (kattvind in Swedish). But this is probably a project for next year…

The work started, of course, once again with moving the furniture out of the room and making space. Then it was time to remove the old plaster from the cast iron cooker, which was a mega satubious affair. Finally, we were able to start working on the ceiling. First we had to remove the old masonite tiles, which luckily revealed panels underneath. After endless nail pulling, we were able to paint the ceiling. We also primed the walls twice, as the blue paint was very penetrating. At the end of September, our chimney builders came and installed the magnificent Keddy K20 fireplace.

The fireplace is going to be painted white, I already primed it yesterday. The walls also need their final coat of paint. However, we have a small problem: We can’t decide which colour.
The idea was to use a pastel lilac, which would then contrast with the yellow room. However, we still haven’t found the right shade. Besides, we still have a lot of yellow paint left, so it would make sense to paint the room yellow as well.

färgprov alcro sjöbod

We found these two shades very suitable (on paper). However, the one on the left is much too pink-heavy and the one on the right is a bit too dark. Nevertheless, I like the one on the right very much…Fortunately, we’re in no hurry, as we’re not having the heating and electricity installed until next year anyway. So we can still think about it at our leisure. However, we would still like to finish it so that we can put the furniture back in the room.

new fireplace project

Here is a little foretaste. It’s not finished yet, but it still looks good. The wall needs a good coat of paint, but I can’t reach it up there. A project for my husband 😉

That’s it for today and until next time,

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