The edge of the mess- Our stunning garden hall remodeling

We have been living in our house in Sweden for a little over half a year. In the meantime we have already done many necessary renovations and transformed our house into a halvdone lovely home. We treated one room very neglected and postponed the renovation work until recently. Namely our garden hall. At the turn of the year we force ourselves to change this and remodeling the room.

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After all, this is the main passage room in the house. All roads lead through the garden hall! Here is the stairwell, the back door to the garden, the guest toilet and even the wine cellar! It demotivated one to walk through this room every time on the way to bedroom. In addition, the floor stank badly. In retrospect, I wonder how we survived this situation from summer to winter.

Maybe because we really wanted to see the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and study finally usable? I think that’s it!

In the pictures it looks half as bad as it really was … But check these out!

This photo was taken when the plumbers were pumping out the clogged guest toilt. You can’t imagine that smell! And trust me, you don’t want it!

I will write a special post about our guest toilet because the transformation of this is mind blowing! You can look forward to it 😉

Garden hall before renovation


What remodeling tasks have we completed?

Thank god that is now a thing of the past! We sanded the floor, thereby the smell was almost completely gone. Also we painted the floor in a checkerboard pattern. I already wrote a post for this. You can read here how we did it and find a quick useful guide.

Renovation of the garden hall

Moreover, we isolated the outer wall with cellulose and covered them with Sandberg wallpaper. Also, we replaced the electric heaters by water-based radiators. The two old fuse boxes behind the kitchen door have been combined into a modern one. So, I think you can say we totally get rid off the mess! Some of the remodeling steps were not completely done by ourselves. Especially since we are not electricians or plumbers 😉

Some impressions about the process around the last months:

Moreover, we removed the brown panels from the stairwell and replaced by “Pärlspont” panels and painted them white. This makes the room appear a lot brighter and friendlier. The stairs themselves were sanded down and painted light green. By the way, it is the same color as our house facade! So we painted the remaining panels in the garden hall also white. We have also inserted the wing door. The door was previously in the living room and formed a third entrance.


Old door recycled

I really enjoy these kind of remodeling, where you can re-use things! Also, I think that the main goal should not be that it looked super new but familiar and cozy. So, I don’t mind if the floor is crooked. It’s an old house and the floor had to endure quite a few people and furniture in the last few years!

A while ago we decided to buy some suitable tools. Especially since it is a wooden house, you can use a air gun/nailer wonderfully time-efficiently and easily! All skirting boards and door frames were attached with our Makita air gun/nailer.It has done a very good job over the few months.

Not only that it is small and practical, but also that it has just nailed everything up to now without any problems! There was nothing he couldn’t get through (of course we talk ony about wooden materials ;)).

However, some remodeling tasks we still do not have done yet. For example paint the windows and fix the inner door (already painted red once)

Also, we are thinking about creating a glazed veranda (winter garden). On the one hand as insulation and on the other hand so that we can use the space in between as a mudroom. Because it is exactly the house side facing the garden and we use it often.

Moreover, I am thinking about to set up a calculation plan for this room. Maybe it is a good idea to provide more transparency for the real remodeling costs of a room.

Please let me know via email, if you wish a calculation plan for individual remodeling projects like the garden hall/ kitchen etc.

Until next time,

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