Our quaint ideas for the remodelling of the salon

The remodelling work in the living room is slowly picking up speed. Already at the beginning of the year, the first wallpapers were taken down, a little space was created and now, in summer, even the first window was restored by my mother-in-law.

However, the living room itself stood out from the rest. We did not see the work as essential, but we collected the first ideas and asked for offers. We actually want a large tiled stove, but we would have to import it from Germany and the installation and dismantling work is completely beyond our budget. So we continued to think, searched for alternatives and found them. In the end, we ticked off the topic of a fireplace in the living room and stamped it as a wish for the future.

Moreover, we even decided to divide the space. This will create a blue and red salon. The blue salon will contain our beamer so that you can watch films in a relaxed way. In addition, we would like to store the majority of our books there. Therefore, it is also a reading room/library. In other words, a media library.

On the other hand, the red salon will be considered a social room. The billiard table will find its place here, as will the liquor cabinet. Both rooms will be separated by a large bookshelf and a sliding door.

Remodelling & keep quaint

In the centre of the remodelling work lies the bookcase with a sliding door as a room divider. Similarly, we will install fake roof beams in the blue salon. The reason for this is that the ceiling there consists of panels, but is badly damaged in one place.

To this end, we have decided not to sand the floor for the time being. We will first clean and scrub it thoroughly. Depending on its condition afterwards, we will reconsider the decision.

To complete the quaint style in both rooms, we will only place wall lights and floor/table lamps. Only a ceiling light will hang above the pool table. The overall concept of the remodelling should be rather dark and rustic. Our old furniture will underline this perfectly.

Colour palettes – Red Salon

The main colours of the red salon are clearly red and gold. Most walls will be painted with this very dark raspberry red or wine red. A wall with a golden wallpaper will provide a contrast.

Especially in summer, the setting sun shines into the living room. Here, the colours together with the evening sun will make a great combination.

We will keep the furniture in a dark brown, simply because the pool table alone is made of wood.
The door and window frames as well as the skirting boards will be painted in a cream colour. Also velvet curtains in a taupe or earthy grey tone will add a lighter touch.

Colour Palette_Living room dark colours

Whether we end up choosing taupe/earthy grey or lighter cream will become clear as soon as we have finished the walls.

colour palette red tones

Colour palettes – Blue Salon

In the blue salon, blue will logically dominate. Here we have chosen a blue-grey tone that will be painted all along the walls.

Skirting boards, door and window frames as well as the bookshelves will be white and lend a bright contrast. We have not yet chosen the colour of the curtains for this, but there are several options available.

Since we still have some old furniture that needs a good place in the house, it makes sense to try to accommodate it here. The colours of the wooden furniture are dark brown or light brown. I think we will have to try it out and see how it looks in the end.

dark blue and taupe
colour palette dark blue

Todays status of the remodelling – July 2021

The status of the renovation is still in its earliest stages.

The red salon is almost in basic condition – it just needs wallpapering and the skirting boards, doors and windows painted. However, the ceiling needs to be completely scraped, plastered and primed throughout the room. As well as some small areas need to be touched up.

Todays status of the remodelling – August 2021

We also have to rearrange and tidy up all our tools that have found their way onto and around the billiard table. As well as dismantle the soapstone stove. This will be restored and installed in the attic. There is still super much to do and we really hope for helpful family members and friends this summer! 🙂

Our goal is to have the room ready by new year’s eve so we can have a big new year’s eve party with family and friends. Let’s see how it will look in late summer!

Until next time,

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