Everything you need to know about our kitchen remodel

The kitchen planning should be carefully thought out because the kitchen is the heart of your home. In our kitchen we cook, eat, bake, do handicrafts, celebrate, even work and so on. In this post you will find our thoughts and wishes for our kitchen. Also a small list with the basic ideas for your kitchen remodel!

The status of our kitchen before remodel

Our kitchen has been in two conditions when we bought the house. The previous owner had started renovating the kitchen but could not finish it. In my opinion, the previous owner had some nice ideas, but we didn’t understand the overall concept of his kitchen planning.

One part of the kitchen was almost new and looked good. There were new shelfs and counterstops. The other part was old and damaged. The wastewater went through a garden hose outside to the parking lot.

On the floor was a plastic mat, in a black and white tile- style. The room has had a small gangway to the next room, which was the bedroom of the preowner. Unfortunately there was a terrible smell there, as the owner mainly lived in this room and was seriously ill.

Our plans and preferences

As we wanted to have the dining room connected to the kitchen, we decided to open the wall. Moreover we were curious what was underneath the plastic mat. We hoped for wooden floor and luckily it was!

There was a moment, where I tried to design a kitchen with the old furniture and new parts. But more and more things came up, that we wanted to have in our kitchen or just needed. For example:

  • New wastewater pipe for the sink and dishwasher
  • Place the firewooded stove in the kitchen
  • Open the wall to combine the two rooms
  • Check out the floor – if there is no wooden floor, lay tiles

Therefore the decision was made quite clearly: We would need to remove the whole kitchen and renovate the room first completely. So a completely kitchen remodel is necessary!


Our first days, after getting the keys, we used the old kitchen for the bare minimum. As we had some water problems in the beginning, it was not possible to clean the whole kitchen. Consequently we tried to avoid to use the kitchen as much as we could. We were lucky, that we had good weather, so we made ever evening BBQ in the garden.

After the final move from Berlin my father in law tore out the kitchen furniture and removed the walls and floor. Underneath we found old panels and great wooden floorboards! Furthermore our craftsmen opened the wall to the dining room some days after. It was such a great differance, even it was far away from being nice & done.

One or the other simple impression of the renovations

While we were packing the remaining boxes in Berlin, the craftsmen from Eldabutiken built the wood stove in the kitchen. You can see the finished wood stove on the first picture. The second picture shows my father-in-law dismantling the kitchen. The last picture is a little embarrassing, but actually some rooms were just a storage location for a certain time (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer).

Ideas for our kitchen remodel

Firstly, the main idea for our kitchen planning was to have enough space for many people cooking & standing in it. Secondly, we wanted a good storage, but without many large cabinets or shelfs. Further, I really like traditional / cottage / farmhouse kitchen styles. In addition, this style fits fine in our house and rounds off the overall concept well.

In Berlin we also planned our kitchen ourselves. There we had a really small kitchen with only a sink (& dishwasher), a stove and a small countertop. However we managed to cook there with 5+ people! With this experience we knew, that a good and functional kitchen must have a lot of small working places. In other words a person or a small team of two people must have enough space for themselves.


Moreover we looked at the kitchens from out parents. The heart of these kitchens were a kitchen island. There the family come together, there the main heart of the kitchen is beating!

As a result our main wishes for our kitchen were:

  • Kitchen island with a special countertop (like a stone countertop, where you can knead dough)
  • Wooden countertops
  • A large sink and a dishwasher
  • Not obstractive
  • Sitting area near a heatsource (like radiator)
  • Working places for more than 8+ people
  • Woodenstove for extra heating and cooking experience
  • Farmhouse/ Classic kitchen fronts
  • Inexpensive

Our last kitchen fronts were white and had a smooth and shiny surface. This looks really nice, but also tend to look fast dirty. Therefore we decided to get these time dark kitchen fronts with the hope, that you do not see dirt so fast.

Kitchen planning

Checklist for your kitchen planning:

If you are considering renovating your kitchen or even building a completely new kitchen, you should not only consider the aesthetics, but also the functionality in your kitchen remodel. In my opinion it’s important that you think about it yourself beforehand and think about what exactly you want, what you like or don’t like. But going through the kitchen planning together with the ikea kitchen consultancy is very important because you can get a third opinion.

  • Pick your favorite colour scheme and compare the advantages & disadvangtes
  • Check out different countertops! Two different types are perhaps more suitable for you than just one
  • Consider your household items, how many cupboards do you need?
  • Find positions for your kitchen appliances
  • Choose the heart of the kitchen (kitchen island, bench by the window, bar counter etc.)
  • Think about a lighting concept
  • Do not forget existing or new water pipes /heating / sewage pipes
  • Take a look at corner solutions! Try different solutions
  • Think about the difference between drawers and cupboards
  • Think about a wide distance to the nearest counter (Kitchen Island and next Counter)

In my next post I’ll show you our results!

Until next time 🙂

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