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How to successfully replace your part-time job with freelance writing

The pandemic has fundamentally changed our lives. In addition to the rather difficult and negative aspects, there are also some that open up new spaces for us. As a reslutat I have now started freelance writing and love it!

My background

There have also been serious changes in my professional life. I worked at the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin and was responsible for the organisation of the joint stand at an annual trade fair. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 fair was cancelled. Instead, a short-term digital alternative was offered. Unfortunately, however, this could not hold its value and so the 2021 fair was cancelled completely.

Last year my contract was therefore reduced from 20h/week to approx. 7.5h/week. My tasks also changed. Instead of preparing for the trade fair, I had to place orders for our start-up department. Also I decided to live in Sweden together with my husband. So one thing led to another and my contract was not renewed.

Since I’m still studying, but want to finish this autumn, it doesn’t make sense for many companies to hire me as a working student. In addition, my Swedish is very poor, as I have only just started to learn it. That’s why I looked around to see how I could still generate an income and remain flexible at the same time.

Why I started freelance writing

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From my studies, I am familiar with writing. But for a long time I didn’t dare to earn real money with it. I was also unsure where exactly to start. When I started my blog in January 2021, I wanted to gain some experience and learn how to write creatively. Because there’s a big difference between writing a scientific paper and writing a blog article.

I noticed the job advertisement for topcontent while I was looking for a permanent position, of all things. The most memorable aspects are the advantages:

That was exactly what I was longing for! But. There was the BUT.
I didn’t have much experience in freelance writing after all.

After a lot of consideration, I decided to give it a try. I was particularly motivated by topcontent, because they say right from the start: just try it.

And you know what? They were right!

What is freelance writing?

With freelance writing, you earn money by writing texts for companies. However, you are not employed by the company. To illustrate this: A cosmetics line newly launched on the market needs 3-4 texts for its website. For example, an “about us” page, product descriptions or a comparison with a similar product. However, the company is small and with limited financial resources. Therefore, they resort to a freelance writer. Because the company only pay for the assignments.

The clients, however, can be quite different. There are also large companies that are looking for a writer who regularly writes texts. Also, you can have several clients. There is no obligation to work for only one.

My first experience as a freelance writer

As already mentioned, I had no experience in writing for companies. Without experience and reputation, I didn’t want to enter the market at all. Topcontent is a great platform for beginners and advanced writers. You can sign up here even without experience and try out whether freelance writing suits you at all.

Topcontent is a global content company. You can find tasks in up to 14 languages and areas such as online gaming, travel, food, e-commerce and many more. Before accepting an assignment, you will be provided with information such as the required character length, payment, subject, client’s wishes or suggestions and how much time you will have for the task.

As soon as you have completed the assignment, it will be proofread and checked. If everything is in order, you will receive positive feedback. If not, you will have to revise the assignment. As a rule, you will have 24 hours to do so. You will also be told exactly what you should revise. Your payment is made directly through topcontent. Here you don’t have to deal with the client, but can fully concentrate on the tasks.

My very first assignment, actually overwhelmed me. It took me a super long time and I had to correct it twice. But I was able to directly learn from my mistakes! The other tasks were a lot easier after that, and some of them I managed to complete in a row. The communication with topcontent was always super kind and I felt very comfortable. When I handed in my last assignment, I got the feedback that my writing style was awesome! I was extremely pleased about that.

Why you should try it too

In my last job I earned about 350 € per month. For this I had to work a whole day (8h) once a week. If I compare what I earned at topcontent within 5 days of work – And attention I did not work 8h at a stretch! – I get an hourly wage that is twice as high.

I can manage my time much better as a freelance writer. If I have to do more for university in a week, I don’t work at all. Nevertheless, I can quickly make up the money within a short time. I can also work in the evenings or nights. At the same time, I gain experience and learn from every assignment.

So if you want to be flexible, work when and where you want, like writing and enjoy it, then you definitely need to try freelance writing. And if you have no experience: No problem! Just try it and see if it’s worth it for you.

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