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How to decorate for a delightful Midsummer Party – 8 tips & inspration

When I think of a midsummer party, besides flowers and sunshine, delicious fresh food comes to mind. In only two weeks we will be celebrating the longest day of the year. We will also be organising a smaller celebration – a Midsummer Party in our garden. That’s why I’ve been scouring pinterest and the internet for great ideas and tips, which I’m now sharing with you. So if you need some fresh ideas on how to impress your guests, or you’re curious and wondering what can’t be missing, read on.

Location & Guests

Flower wreaths, dancing and a sun that never sets. Swedes call it Midsummer.

Typically, midsummer is celebrated in the countryside. Swedish families either travel to their summer houses in the countryside, by the sea or on an island. Some are invited by friends or relatives. For example, the host family of one of my friends has a small holiday home on an island and takes the children there together. A colleague of my husband’s will receive friends from Germany in her summer cottage on the Baltic Sea. Another popular place is the Skansen in Stockholm. This year there is a party there again, but you certainly have to get a ticket beforehand.

We will have a small circle of people in our garden and at the lake. Unfortunately, many friends from Germany will not be able to come. However, we will still have fun!

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Decoration Ideas

It is very easy to decorate with natural products – for example flowers from your own garden or even grass! This grass heart is quickly made and conjures up the first wow effect:

FrauSchweizer -> Pinterest

Small vases or even drinking glasses are also great for decorating the dining table. Simply put together small bouquets of flowers and spice them up with a colourful ribbon.

midsummer party decoration
Living at Home -> Pinterest

You don’t have many flowers growing in your garden? No problem, just arrange a few candles and fruits. It doesn’t only work with lemons, but also with herbs. Artificial flowers would also be an alternative. -> Pinterest Inspiration

There are a lot of decoration ideas on pinterest that you can easily copy. Check out this amazing board from MAHTAVA – Taste the North.

My motto is to use what’s already at home or in the garden. That way I don’t have to spend extra money on decorations, can get creative and focus on other things 🙂

Food Inspiration for your Midsummer Party

Dinner is usually in the form of a buffet, so many dishes are suitable as table decorations at the same time. Classics are hard-boiled eggs, potatoes with fresh dill and herring. Fresh strawberries are a must for dessert. Depending on the number of guests, your own preferences and tastes, there are many delicious additions.

Finger food is perfect for aperitifs or toasts when you’re celebrating with champagne. It also gives guests the chance to try dishes they might not choose as a full main meal. What’s more, finger food is the perfect way to pass the time and satisfy small appetites.

Sköna Hem -> Pinterest

Food can also be a lovely table decoration. Plates and bowls containing delicious food are a real feast for the eyes!

Linnéas Skafferi -> Pinterest

You should try the two-in-one concept, like here: Marinated potatoes on a bed of lettuce.

midsummer party food -> Pinterst

When it comes to drinks, it is a good idea to have a drink dispenser at the start, so that water, lemonade, iced tea or even a cocktail is available for quite a long time. But beware! It’s best to put it in the shade and, if you’re making a cocktail, add the ice cubes afterwards. Otherwise it will all get watered down very quickly…

Living Life Rosie – Pinterest

Style- Inspiration

For me, light and bright colours and fabrics are part of summer, so I really like this dress from & other stories!

I keep it simple here too. A great dress, comfortable shoes and a homemade flower wreath are enough for me. I am totally in love with this Ruffled Midi-Wrap-Dress* and Ballarina Flats*.

Since we’re going swimming at lunchtime, I’ll have a bikini underneath, of course, and the mosquito spray for the evening is an absolute must!

Dress & Shoes from: & Other Stories*

You can find the two great products on & other stories*.

I wish you a magical midsummer party and have a great time with you friends/ family!

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