Living abroad

Home is where I want to be

How fascinating homesickness is. There you are at the Mediterranean enjoying the warm sand under your feet, delicious moules and fine rose wine, and yet you want to go back home. After three weeks in france, we had had enough. In addition, there were meetings and a death. So we cancelled our last week in the south of france and travelled directly to the parents’ houses.

We spent the fourth week abroad with many intensive conversations with the relatives. The last time we had seen them was at Christmas, but in-depth conversations were not possible due to the festivities. So our heads were steaming pretty much when we finally found the time to talk about problems and also progress. It was very nice and also instructive for us. But when we arrived back home last week, we asked ourselves: Why did we go on holiday?

Yes, we wanted to escape the winter and enjoy a little more spring – although this winter was very pleasant thanks to all the sun. But the planning still took place last autumn. At that time it was not clear how the winter would be, especially because autumn also started very temporally. At the same time, a romanticised representation prevailed in our minds: Relaxing at the Mediterranean out of season. Anyway, probably the number one reason why we were homesick: Home is simply cosy, beautiful, relaxed and familiar. We can find an incredible amount of nature right outside the door without having to drive. Forest and meadow and of course the lake.

Once back, our minds were again in tune with perfection. There’s no place like home!

Until next time,

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