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Botschka – Easy Russian Dice Game For The Whole Family

Due to the pandemic all museums and other public events in Sweden are closed since November. Moreover we had here in Sörmland till January only rain and wind, so it was also not nice to go outside for sport activities. To break through the long (& boring) evenings my mother reminded us of a great russian dice game called Botschka.

So my sister and I have decided that this great game deserves more attention. So if you are in a country that is currently under lockdown, or if a lot of things in the area you live have been closed, or if you are simply curious about a great game of dice, then read on!

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Basic concept and rules

You can play the dice game “Botschka” (or 1000/ Thousand) in a group of at least 2 persons. More than 8 persons in one game are not recommendable, as they will get bored really quick.

The main goal of this dice game is to roll a thousand points. There is a special way of counting this. Also there are additional rules to be aware off.

One person from the group is assign to make the bookkeeping. This person is responsible to write down rolled points, to calculate them properly and also notify players for special occasions. Theoretically speaking, the other players don’t have to worry about the bookkeeping. But it is worthwhile to keep an eye out so that everything runs correctly and no points are forgotten.

As already mentioned the goal is to roll thousand points. You are allowed to roll as long as you get points. You keep the dice with points but roll the ones without again. Do not forget to count the points together with the bookkeeper.


However, there is one important thing to consider while throwing the dice:
Only if you have 2 dice with no points left you can stop. You need to make this clear, so the bookkeeper is aware of that. Then the points rolled up to then are added up and written down by the book keeper.

From the moment in time when you haven’t rolled a point, you have to stop. In this case, however, no points will be recorded. Because they gambled away, so to speak.

Required equipment:

  • 5 identical dice if possible with a dice cup
  • A piece of paper/ notebook
  • A pen

Points system:

  • Dice number 1 = 10 Points
  • Dice number 5 = 5 Points
  • Also 3 or more dice of the same value that were dropped on the current roll
  • Special number of dice combinations (see below)
  • -50 Points when someone overtakes you

For example:

As an illustration: You rolled these numbers. So, now you have 20 (1 + 1) points and must roll again with the other dice (2,2,6). If you were to roll the numbers 1,1,4 with the three dice, then you could (in a normal situation) stop. The bookkeeper then has to write down 40 points for you.

But if you rolled 1,1,1 for example you will get 100 points. So together 120 points. Now you have to roll all 5 dice! And the counting process continues as described above.

You can now be lucky and get a lot of points. Have bad luck and lose everything or gamble all away…

Special dice combinations:

Thrown dice with 1,2,3,4,5 = 125 Points

Thrown dice with 2,3,4,5,6 = 250 Points

Amount of dice x dice value

3×1=100, 3×2=20, 3×3=30, 3×4=40, 3×5=50, 3×6=60

4×1=200, 4×2=40, 4×3=60, 4×4=80, 4×5=100, 4×6=120 5×1=1.000, 5×2=200, 5×3=300, 5×4=400, 5×5=500, 5×6=600

Mandatory opening:

At the beginning there is a particular limitation associated with the fact that the player must necessarily “open the game”. This means that a certain minimum number of points must be collected by each player to enter the game.

The amount is 50 points.

A player must reach this amount of points in one go. Only then does he have the right to write down any number of points (lowest points you can reach are 15).


Point deduction and “botschkas”

  1. If someone overtakes you with more points, the bookkeeper deducts 50 points from you.
  2. You are not allowed to have the same amount of points as another player.
  3. It is not allowed to roll more than 1.000 points. After the third time you have rolled more than 1.000 points the bookkepper also deducts you 50 points.
  4. Between 200-300 points, 600-700 points and 900-1.000 points there exist a “pit”. If the sum of the points is between the boundaries of the pit, then he must score enough points to climb to the top of it. Example: You have already rolled 240 Points in the games before. Now you need to roll at least 60 Points. But if you roll only 35 Points you cannot write it down.

So, as you can see this game has some rules. But if you understand them the game is much fun! Please feel free to ask us questions regarding the rules or the understanding. We will be glad to help you! You can simply comment this post or write us an email.

Moreover, a huge thank you to my little sister, who write this post together with me and helped me with the main rules! You need to know, that she is an ace in the game! She even managed to roll 1,000 points directly at the beginning once!

Until next time,

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