6 Reasons why we fell in love with our kitchen – Part Two

As promised, here comes the continuation of the post “6 Reasons why we fell in love with our kitchen”. Last time I described our most favourite parts of our kitchen. But there are three more which are important for the whole picture.

When creating this post, I noticed that it is very difficult to get the right character in the pictures.

The sun has been shining much longer and more intensely in the last few days, we currently have incredible light in the kitchen and dining room. Particularly in the mornings it is wonderfully beautiful.

The sunlight, the dark green kitchen cupboards, the white tiles and the copper that hangs on the wall creates a great play of colors.

To demonstrate you this I tried to capture it in the pictures as best I could. As I’m not a professional photographer it’s just incredibly difficult! Hence, I would appreciate if you could give me feedback – and share tips and tricks with me!

4. Double Kitchen Sink

White porcelain double sink

We got the idea for a double kitchen sink during our wedding. In our party location was a kitchen with also two sinks. This had proven to be extremely compact, so that I absolutely wished for such a sink in our kitchen.

We have a small strainer hanging in one of the sinks so that we can put wet dishes and the sponge there. Actualy, most of the time we only use the right sink.

However, if you have cooked / baked something elaborate or cooked with several people at the same time, then it is perfect to have two sinks. So you can soak something in one sink and clean something in the other.

Previously we had a stainless steel sink in Berlin, which got limescale stains very quickly. The fact that the water there was super calcareous naturally made it worse. Since we didn’t know what the lime content of the water here was, we were even more critical of the stainless steel sinks.

At the same time, I was wondering how to keep the white porcelain sink clean. It’s super easy!

In fact, this works perfectly with orange cleaner or green soap. Kitchen cleaner out of the spray bottle also does its job reliably.

On top of that, I found a wonderful trick to remove stubborn stains.

Simply fill the sink with boiling water, throw in a dishwasher tab and let it steep for at least 30 minutes. After that the sink shines brilliantly white!

5. Storage Space

Next I would like to mentioned our storage space.

Back in our flat in Berlin we had only a small kitchen. Despite, we were able to budget pretty well with that. For example, guests up to 12 people weren’t a problem for us either. Of course it just got very cozy and a bit chaotic.

Now, we have a huge kitchen of about 25 square meters! There is such a big difference. Not only with the possibilities of kitchen planning but also with filling the space in the cupboards.

We received a lot of crockery present at our wedding and also took over quite a lot of silver cutlery from the house. Still the storage place in our kitchen is massive!

Nevertheless, there are still empty cupboards or very generously used shelves. We could compress our things to 1/3 of the cupboards for other things, if we wanted. However, we don’t have tall cabinets at alll, just base cabinets and a total of 3 hanging glass cabinets. And there is still a lot of space!


6. Open Character

Metro tiles and green cabinets

Finally, we are happy with the overall impression of our kitchen.

The dark green color and the style of the fronts with the combination of the golden handles create the impression of an elegant country kitchen. Likewise the porcelain sink, the white metro tiles, the wood stove and the worktop made of solid birch wood complement each other perfectly.

Kitchen corner with stove and dishwasher

Furthermore, the kitchen island with the stone worktop brings in modernity and freshness. At the same time, the lack of tall cupboards and few wall cupboards creates an open and friendly character.

As shown above, we are both simply satisfied with the outcome of our planning. Generally speaking it is the main point, when planning your kitchen: Think about what would make you happy, what you like and everything will be fine.

Definitely my favourite part of the kitchen is the sitting area by the window. Right now I’m sitting here at this spot and writing this post.

Have you any questions regarding our planning or want some help with your kitchen planning? Write me a e-mail or just leave a comment 🙂

Until next time,

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