6 Reasons why we fell in love with our kitchen – Part One

Not long ago I wrote about our kitchen planning and the considerations that went with it. This time I’ll show you our kitchen after the remodel and tell you the 6 reasons why we fell in love with it!

As this post will get very long I will split it up in two parts.

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1. Wooden Stove

The wooden stove was one of the first things we decided and planned.

Shortly after getting the keys at the end of May, we stayed for around two weeks in the house and tried to get a overview of the upcoming work. Also we started to rip off the seven layers of wallpaper in the dining room.

Moreover we called the local chimney sweeper. She checked our chimneys and recommended us a company who could fix them.

And then we really thought about it: Why don’t we place the wooden stove from the bedroom into the kitchen? It does not make sense to let it in the bedroom. Also our kitchen is so huge, the place for it is available.

Building up the wooden stove in the kitchen

So we called the recommended company and made an appointment. The company’s employee was super friendly and was able to answer all of our silly questions. Also he took the time explain us the technical side.

While we were packing the moving boxes in Germany and celebrating our wedding, the craftsmen from elda butiken gnesta were working hard on our chimneys, tiled stoves and the wood-burning stove.

We are still really happy with their work and therefore can warmly recommend Eldabutiken Gnesta to everyone from Södermanland.


Pimping up the stove

While the renovation of the kitchen the wooden stove was covered to protect him from paint etc. It was such a stunning moment when it came finally to pimp up the stove itself. We simply painted it with a special white paint and that was all. But it formed such a transformation!

Painting wood stove

Together with the metro tiles it looked just stunning. Also we painted the floor tiles with black paint.

kitchen with wooden stove

During the winter time we warmed up our Glögg and Glühwein on the stove, we cooked in it and also used it as a toaster!

But the main task of the stove is to warm up the room quckily. It it gets really hot near the stove and the fire lits fast. So, if we need to get the kitchen heaten up quickly or just for a small period of time, the stove is the best option.

Wooden Stove - kitchen stove

2. Kitchen Island

Usually it is said that small kitchens are difficult to plan.
But it is not true! Planning large kitchens is the same huge challenge.

We tried out three different kitchen layouts in the ikea kitchen planner. One was without a kitchen island, one design with a bench by the window and one with a kitchen island in the middle.

The first two designs just looked incomplete. It felt like something was missing. As we were not sure, how wide the kitchen island could be, it was helpful, that the ikea staff gave us practical information regarding this.


Why we chose a different countertop for the kitchen island

As you can see from the pictures we chose a different countertop for the kitchen island. Different from the wooden countertop (björk) the kitchen island has a quartz countertop. Not only it is scratch resistand and can withstand heavy impact, it also is easy to clean. This enables the perfect surface for cookies and other doughs!

My mother-in-law also has such a special worktop on her kitchen island. In the years when we baked christmas cookies together, this was a great time saver! You could easily knead, roll out and cut out the dough on the countertop. Also it is just as easy to clean.

Kitchen Island

Storage in the kitchen island

Moreover, the kitchen island provides a lot of storage space. On the side to the sink we store our plates and cutlery. It is simply optimal and efficient: You just have to turn around and you can put the dishes straight away in the cupboard.

On the other side of the island, facing the stove, we keep dry things on the one hand (flour, noodle, rice) and on the other hand things that we don’t use often, like the mixer or the waffle iron.

There is still a lot of space there because we just don’t have that many things, even though we have already stocked up ;D

3. Sitting area by the window

Last but not least for this part: My favourite place in the whole kitchen.

It’s just a dream to sit there in the morning with a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast. You can look outside and enjoy the weather, at the same time the heating warms your legs and feet. Sometimes even the dog lies under the counter. Then you get extra warmth bonus!

Place by the window

Until next time,

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